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  • Interview with Actor Brendan Ragan

    6-4-18 Interview

    6/4/18 Actor, theater maker Brendan Ragan loves being on stage. He always knew he was a natural; but he “never wanted to settle for pretty good,” and the need to hone his “artistry,” to be pushed, to be torn down and rebuilt if that was what it took for him to reach his personal best, drives him. It drove him to risk to joining 11 other graduates to create Single Carrot, a theater company in Baltimore on what was – although they didn’t know it – the most dangerous street in town; it drove him to leave there, although people thought he was crazy to leave that wonderful set up, and apply to graduate school; and its driven him to join Summer Wallace and Harry Lipstein in creating the Urbanite theater in Sarasota. Listen to this passionate, articulate man talk about his obsession to create the very best theater experience he can for himself and his audience, come see him demonstrate his “artistry” in the Urbanite’s current production of “Incognito”

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  • Interview with Summer Dawn Wallace

    2-23-16 Audio Interview

    Summer Dawn Wallace discovered acting at four years old. Listen to the sweet story of how little Summer learned that a person could be anything she wanted to be. For example, every day she pretended to be a different animal, and if that day’s animal was a cat, little Summer refused to eat at the table insisting that her mother feed her on the floor. This began a lifelong commitment to creating alternate realities for herself and her audiences culminating, with co-founder Brendan Ragan in the creation of the Urbanite Theater, Sarasota’s newest and most unique theater company. In a very short time The Urbanite has proved Brendan and Summer right – that they are clearly filling a need in the community, is borne out by their swift and remarkable success.

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  • Audio Interview with Jason Bradley

    4-7-15 Audio Interview

    Jason Bradley has returned to Sarasota, after spending 5 years in the Chicago Company of the smash Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, to appear in Chicken Soup – the Grand Opening production of Urbanite Theater. The Urbanite is Sarasota’s newest and most unique theater. Believing that Sarasota needed “a small box theater that’s staged edgy, contemporary work,” co-Founders and Artistic Directors Brendan Ragan and Summer Wallace, graduates of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory program, created the Urbanite. In this show I am replaying part my first interview with Jason in which we talk about his early life, his standout performance in the Asolo production of Boeing Boeing, and his commitment to the profession of acting as well as the Urbanite and Chicken Soup.

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