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  • Interview with Andre Malaev-Babel

    8-2-16 Interview

    12/13 /16 Andrei Maleav-Babel is a Russian Immigrant. The son and grandson of writers and artists, Andrei wrote musicals and directed his parent’s friends in his plays, by the time he was 10 or 12. Luckily coming of age as Perestroika was occurring in Russia, Andrei was able to start his own theater as a very young man. Barely able to speak English, he met, courted and married an American sociology student and became a Professor of Acting at the prestigious FSU Conservatory for Actor Training, one of the top ten actor training companies in the United States. Listen to him tell his amazing story and talk about his direction of the Conservatory’s production of Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge,” opening on Dec 27th

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  • Interview with Jen Wineman

    10-14-14 – Audio Interview

    When Jen Wineman was in the first or second grade she played a game in her head. In it she pretended that other people were watching her and she would perform as though a camera was filming her actions. To this end she observed others and copied movements and behaviors that she thought would look good on film. This was undoubtedly great training for a young woman who would become a theater director! So although one of her first loves was gymnastics – she planned to compete in the Olympics – and she also toyed with the idea of becoming a paleontologist or a micro biologist, theater won out. Listen to Jen tell her story and talk about the unique version of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream which she is directing for the FSU Conservatory for Actor Training, and listen to one of the surprising songs they are using in this production.

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