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  • Audio Interview with Jason Bradley

    4-7-15 Audio Interview

    Jason Bradley has returned to Sarasota, after spending 5 years in the Chicago Company of the smash Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, to appear in Chicken Soup – the Grand Opening production of Urbanite Theater. The Urbanite is Sarasota’s newest and most unique theater. Believing that Sarasota needed “a small box theater that’s staged edgy, contemporary work,” co-Founders and Artistic Directors Brendan Ragan and Summer Wallace, graduates of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory program, created the Urbanite. In this show I am replaying part my first interview with Jason in which we talk about his early life, his standout performance in the Asolo production of Boeing Boeing, and his commitment to the profession of acting as well as the Urbanite and Chicken Soup.

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  • Interview with Actor Jason Bradley

    March 1, 2011

    Jason Bradley grew up in rural Wisconsin and spent his childhood running through the forest behind his house with his friends making up stories to act out. He says it was the freedom to play and the imagination that fueled this play that has stayed with him and allowed him to become the remarkable actor he is. Of course being exposed to an intensive acting and stage craft program in his rural Wisconsin high school, made it possible for him (and all of his high school friends) to discover that theater was where they belonged. Listen to Sharon Leslie’s review of Jason in the Asolo production of Boeing Boeing, and Jason’s charming and self-deprecating acceptance of his talent.

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  • Interview with Brian Torfeh


    Discussion – Have you suspected that you could really have enjoyed sports, or writing or painting, but have somehow been unable to pursue these things? Are you aware that there might be aspects of you that you’ve been unable to surface, access and enjoy? Do you know what stops you, what might have caused you to hide some of yourself, from yourself? In this show I talk about why this happens, give an example and introduce the concept of The Relationship Contract …

    Review – Sharon Lesley reviews the farce Boeing Boeing currently on stage at the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota FL Interview – Brian Torfeh stars in Boeing Boeing and also in La Bette, which run concurrently at the Asolo. Brian’s father rebelled against his parent’s wishes for him; he pretended to be studying engineering while actually pursuing acting. A wife an family made it impossible for him to continue as an actor, but this is what he hoped for his son. Brian did the opposite; he decided to study Law instead acting, as his Dad had hoped. But Brian really is and has always been an actor. Several years into college, his academic advisory pointed out that while he hadn’t taken any courses in his major, he had been in about 14 plays. Brian accepted who he really is and has never looked back.

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