Interview with Susan Angerman – Costume Designer

10-8-18 Interview

10/8/18 Susan Angerman’s mother taught her to sew when she was eight years old, she made her doll’s clothes and her own clothes. She was passionate about Dance, especially Ballet, and at fourteen became part of the Charleston Ballet Company, where her sewing came in handy because, in this small company, dancers had to make their own costumes. Although she loved to dance, when it was time to move towards a career as a dancer, she knew that it was not the life for her. She studied design at the French Fashion Academy, where she then taught for several years. Finally deciding that costuming for the theater provided the perfect opportunity to combine her skills and interests, she went to work for the “most prestigious costume shop in New York,” getting freelance work and building a resume. After many years as costume shop manager, she has created a new career as an image consultant and is once again taking freelance costuming jobs; come see her costumes at Florida Studio Theater’s cabaret production of “Unchanged Melodies”