Interview with soprano Anne Fridal

12/1/15 Audio Interview

Trinidad and Tobago dramatic soprano Anne Fridal didn’t start out to be a world renowned singer, but she always wanted to be a star. She would get up on tables at school and recite. She invented people to perform for – her invisible audience. Although she wasn’t invested in her voice she began to win competitions at the age of 8. It took a teacher at Julliard to recognize her potential and simply insist that Anne would be a star and of course she was right. She joined and became a principle with the Living Arts International company with whom she traveled the world (she says that that she has been “everywhere”) mostly amazing audiences with her creation of Serena in Porgy and Bess. When she performed to a packed house at the Opera Singers and Actors Church in Covent Garden in London the audience cheered and a gave her a standing ovation. She will return to London in March to perform with Pegasus Opera. And she will launch her Calypsopera CD at the Trinidad and Tobago Fiesta Plaza. Listen to this high-spirited, vivacious, exuberant, thoroughly delightful woman talk about her extraordinary life and listen to several cuts from her