Interview with Marvelette Brenda Watty

8-2-16 Interview

1-31-17 On Sun 2/5 & Mon 2/6 at 7:30 the West Coast Black Theater Troupe, in a special event to highlight their next production, Girl Groups of the Sixties, is presenting singer, performer, entertainer Brenda Watty. Brenda will not only sing but to tell stories about the music business (“the dirt”) and recount memories of her years as a member of the Toys “(How Gentle is the Rain”), Mystique (“Push, Push”) and the Marvelletes. Years in which she travelled all over the world touring with various groups and singing background for the Temptations, the Four Tops and many many more. Come see this dynamic and fearless entertainer do what she does best. And in this interview listen to Brenda describe her journey to becoming what she always knew she was – and singer and an entertainer, and listen to several or the Marvellets biggest hits.