Interview with Jay Poindexter

September 7, 2010 Jay Poindexter

Jay Poindexter is a performer but he didn’t know it. A “good kid” he did what was expected of him. He participated in extra curricular activities, like band and gymnastics, but had no idea what he wanted to do with his life. Although he was cast as the prince in a grade school production of Cinderella, Jay remembers that “he didn’t mind it.” Later in high school “on a whim” he auditioned for The Gollywogs, a company of players who entertained at the local Mall, but this too didn’t capture him. When his band director encouraged him to audition for the senior musical; Guys and Dolls and he was cast as Nicely Nicely, “something sparked.” He knew what he was meant to do, but the path wasn’t simple. First he had to honor his step-father’s request to enter military service – it didn’t work. And finally Jay was able to endure the disapproval of his parents and step parents and be who he is. Listen to this inspiring story and especially the hilarious recounting of his audition for Cats – his very first real acting job.