Interview with Gale Fulton-Ross

6-25-13 – Audio Interview

Gale Fulton-Ross is a phenomenon, she is impossible to categorize as she creates art in every possible visual form, she draws, paints and sculpts, she works in both the literal and the abstract, she’s turned her graphic designs into textiles; clothing, pocketbooks, pillow cases, bed spreads anything that requires a fabric now has a Gale Fulton-Ross design. And finally she is getting back to her first love, she is writing a book. But Gale is more than an artist – she is a deeply spiritual person who imbues all of her work with her honesty, courage and love. She says “I work hard to create the world I want to live in – my figures have dignity because I think that is what all human beings should have.” Gale has dignity as you will certain hear in this interview.