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  • Interview with musician, composer, educator, philosopher Steven Miles 2

    7-9-18 Interview

    10/1/18 In Part 2 of our interview, musician, composer, educator and philosopher Stephen Miles describes the “accident” which caused him to explore new ways for audiences to experience music and led to the creation of New Music New College, which is celebrating its 20th year. He describes innovations, like Club Sudakoff, which provides a Cabaret atmosphere instead of the conventional, static setting in which music is usually heard. Listen to Stephen describe his belief that music can actually affect behavior. Many of his compositions are intended to achieve that goal and in this interview he describes one which does just that. Come out on Thursday Oct. 4, to hear this season’s first New Music New College Artist Conversation and on Sat Oct 6th to experience So Percussion.

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  • Interview with Interview with musician, composer, educator, philosopher Steven Miles – 1

    9-24-18 Interview

    9/25/18 In Part 1 of my interview with musician, composer, educator and philosopher Stephan Miles, he talks about his early exposure to music and describes how he know by the time he was two years old that it would be important in his life. In a world where the emphasis is on fast and facile, Stephan was not in a hurry. He was determined to know everything there is to know about the art to which he was planning to give his life – music. Listen to the unorthodox path he took to becoming the not only gifted, but the truly knowledgeable musician he is. This interview takes Stephan through his early training and tells the story of how he serendipitously wound up in what it clearly the perfect place for him – the New College.

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