Interview with Photographer Bobby Neel Adams


Bobby Neel Adams Photograph from series: 'Drowned'Interview – Bobby Neel Adams grew up in a town with the “most boring public high schools.” He had no exposure to art except Life magazine’s coverage of the Viet Nam war, which he says “told a bigger story” and clearly had an impact on him. Luckily when he was in high school an acquaintance gave him a camera; he began taking pictures and rapidly became obsessed, but still had no idea that photography could be a career. He so hated high school that he didn’t plan to go to college until another acquaintance assured him that college was different from high school. In college Bobby not only found that photography would be a career, but discovered his own very unique visual style. Now he is one of the artists chosen to work at the Hermitage artist retreat in South Florida. Bobby, who has always been interested in the way things alter and decay, is working on a series called ”Drowned”, which features all things underwater. You can see Bobby’s unique vision at his web site