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  • Interview with Carlo Thomas

    12-09-14 Audio Interview

    Carlo Thomas is a gift to anyone who wants to sing – or use their voice. He is not only a brilliant singer and teacher, but kind, generous and committed to helping everyone achieve their potential. And Carlo knows a great deal about achieving potential. Born and raised on a dairy farm where his first audiences were his family and the cows, he went on to a career which included Opera (City Opera, Canadian Opera, Berlin Opera, The Spoleto Music Festival, where he was directed by Gian Carlo Menotti), Broadway (1776, Phantom of the Opera), Concert (soloist at Radio City Music Hall), Recording with the Fred Waring band – and anything that required music. With his life partner Timothy Gray (who with Hugh Martin wrote the score for the musical High Spirits – based on the Noel Coward play Blithe Spirit, and many more), Carlo was enmeshed in the theater scene. Listen to this extraordinary man tell the charming, funny and sometimes outrageous stories of a life and career dedicated to the making of beautiful music. And come see the Manatee Community Theaters production of Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera Amahl and the Night Visitors which Carlo not only directed but in which he plays one of the Kings.

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  • Interview with Larry Alexander

    12-17-13 – Audio Interview

    Larry Alexander is one of the lucky ones. He discovered his “calling” early and has been able to make a life with it. Having fallen in love with the musicals as a boy he auditioned for and was in several plays, but when he was cast as the star of Bye Bye Birdie his fate was sealed. He majored in theater in college and has been a working, professional actor since he was 18 years old. Currently Larry is sharing the stage as one of a quartet of extraordinary actor/singer/ dancer/ musicians in the delightful, engaging American Stage Production of A Marvelous Party, a Noel Coward Celebration. In this show I am not only airing Larry’s Interview, but a taste of his vocal skill – a cut from one of his CD’s and a sample of Noel Coward’s amazing repertoire, which is bound to make you want to see the show.

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  • Interview with Peter Amster

    2-21-12 – Interview

    Four year old Peter Amster decided that if Peter Pan could fly so could he and he had to be restrained from jumping out of the window. From then on he never stopped pushing his limits. Although he was to discover that his body was not designed to dance, he became a passionate dancer and choreographer. Although he says he wasn’t a very good actor – he nonetheless got work, and finally although already a working director – he questioned his technique and expanded his skill. Peter is not only a triple threat; he is a charming, delightful and funny man. Listen to his remarkable journey and go see his direction of Noel Coward’s Fallen Angel at the Asolo Repertory Theatre.

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