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  • Interview with Poet, Dancer, Choreographer, Director Harry Bryce

    4-4-17 Interview

    4-4-17 Poet, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, and Director Harry Bryce says that he came out of the womb dancing. And when you talk to him you can well believe it. Precocious and wise beyond his years Harry began writing poetry (although he didn’t know it was poetry) when he was a young boy in order to “stay sane.” Curious and observant as few are, Harry began to notice everything. It became important to him to be “precise,” so he recognized the variation in the hues of different colors – and wondered about what happened to a seed. He couldn’t take ballet lessons like his older sister because ”boys didn’t do that;” but when she came home from her lesson his sister would take him into the back yard and do the lesson again for him. By the time they were ten years old Harry and his sister were a popular dance act appearing at local weddings and events. Harry went on to have a varied and productive career as the artistic director of Memphis Black Repertory Theater and creator of the Harry Bryce Dance Company, Choreographer in Residence for the prestigious Vinnette Carroll’s theater company and as professor of dance and theater at Atlanta’s Morehouse and Spellman colleges. Currently Harry is directing the West Coast Black Theater Troupe of Sarasota’s production of Dearly Departed. Listen to this charming, delightful and reflective man talk about his career and the

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  • Interview with performer, director Kenney Green

    8-2-16 Interview

    10-11-16 singer, dancer, actor, director, musician, musical director, Kenney Green, is bringing his multiple talents to Sarasota to direct The Wiz for the West Coast Black Theater Troupe. Kenney fell in love with music when he was very young, learning and singing all the “oldies” incessantly. He wanted to know everything about theater and would hang out at the school café-torium, “playing with the wires and switches to just to see how everything worked. An acknowledged workaholic Kenney began to burning the candle at both ends early in his life. In high school he was in Chorus and Drama Club (arriving at 6:30 in the morning to rehearse), the Forensics League (where he lettered in Dramatic Interpretation) the Marching Band, a competitive Barbara Shop quartet and auditioning for and getting roles at the King Musical Community Theater. And he has continued that pace to this day. Listen to this high-energy, very funny, remarkably talented man talk about a life dedicated to everything theater and come see his direction of The Wiz, .the 1975 Broadway musical which won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical

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  • Interview with actor Danny Jones

    6/28/11 – Interview

    As a very young child, Danny Jones was making up worlds in his mind. Luckily for Danny, his parents participated, encouraged and delighted in his imagination. Listen to his Mom’s explanation of how Santa Claus was able to get down the chimney and his Dad’s directness and explanation of the way energy between people can be affected. Not so good at sports, Danny discovered that he was good at acting, and besides there were pretty girls in the theater classes. By the time he was in high school Danny had a plan. He would be an actor and there would be no Plan B. Listen to his passion, dedication and commitment to what has become his life’s work.

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