Artistic Director

  • Interview with Richard Hopkins

    September 21, 2010

    Richard Hopkins has been the very successful Artistic Director of Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota FL for 30 years, but he didn’t see a play until he was 19. Coasting through college with no idea what he wanted to do with his life until a speech teacher told him he would get a better grade if he helped build sets, this led to taking a drama class and he was “hooked!” He had found his “window to the world.” And then, as he says he does everything, Richard became “obsessed,” and “followed his bliss” wherever it took him – even when the conventional wisdom said that path was a dead end.

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  • Interview with Jeffrey Kin

    July 27 Jeffrey Kin

    Jeffrey Kin is the artistic director of The Players Theater a community theater in Sarasota Florida. The youngest of six from a farm family in Central Ohio, Jeffrey broke the family mold by being the “creative kid.” Discovering very early his desire to entertain and the charisma that would later make him so compelling on stage, Jeffrey was lucky enough to have a mother who saw that he “belonged on the stage” and “took care of Dad’s disapproval.” So Jeffrey was able to develop not only his acting, singing and dancing skills, but his play writing, directing and finally the administrative abilities that make him the perfect choice to shepherd The Players Theater’ renaissance.

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  • Interview with Michael Donald Edwards

    February 02, 2010

    Discussion – Is there a danger attached to discovering those parts of you which you have had to hide undercover? Are there consequences, of which you are consciously unaware, to discovering aspects of yourself that you have hidden (even from yourself) or to making certain changes in your life? In this show I talk about the existence of these dangers and how to unearth them so you can be “all that you can be.”

    Interview Michael Donald Edwards is the producing artistic director of the Asolo Theater and in this show he talks about his production (he directed) of The Life of Galileo. In our last interview, Michael talked extensively about his interest in the impact of religion on us and our culture. This interview follows that one and in it Michael explains why he was drawn to Galileo’s story and why he thinks this play and Paul Whitworth’s extraordinary performance are a must see. In this show I am also airing Sharon Lesley’s review of the play – listen to see if she agrees.

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  • Interviews with Michael Donald Edwards and Jason Wells

    April 28, 2009

    In this show I air my interview with the producing artistic director of the Asolo Rep, Michael Donald Edwards, in which he talks about his vision for theater. I replay Sharon’s review of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, which Michael directed and about which he takes at length. I also air my interview with actor/playwright Jason Wells, whose plan Perfect Mendacity is about to open.

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