Day 3:59 PM

  • Interview with Violinist Carol Lieberman

    7-9-18 Interview

    7/9/18 When Carol Lieberman was three years old her grandfather gave her older brother a violin and Carol fell in love. She was unable to begin lessons until she was six and her parents could afford to buy the ½ violin she needed. At seven she was accepted into the Manhattan School of Music. As a freshman at the High School of Music and Art she began playing with the senior orchestra where she became assistant concert master in her second semester and first violinist of the string quartet. Although she majored in History at City College, she was at the Music department so often that believed she was a music major. She went on to get her Masters in Music at the Yale School of Music, play with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and return to Yale to receive a Doctorate in Music Arts. Listen to this gentle, self-deprecating woman describe a life dedicated to the instrument that won her heart at three years old, and hear a little to the glories music she creates.

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  • Interview with Musical Director Justin Cowan

    7-2-18 Interview

    7/2/18 Justin Cowan is the Musical Director for Always Patsy Cline which is currently playing to several times extended audiences at Florida Studio Theater. Although he never planned to be a musical director people continually urged him to join the choir, audition for a Community Theater production and finally made it possible for him to get the education he wanted, but could not afford. Whether chance, fate or coincidence someone was always there pointing him in the direction he is delighted to have gone. Listen to this gregarious, charming man talk about how he was “led” to where he was meant to go, how that experience informs his commitment to teaching, and made him the perfect person to bring out the Patsy in Meredith. Also listen to one of the songs for the show

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