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  • The Lynne Show – Interviews, Stories for Change and Music

    Lynne Bernfield: Therapist, Consultant, Speaker, Radio Show HostHosted by psychotherapist and author Lynne Bernfield, The Lynne Show is about discovering aspects of ourselves which we have had to deny. In it she talks about why this happens and what we can do to recover these denied parts. In her interview series called Anatomy of an Artist she interviews people who make their living or their life with their art.

    The Lynne Show is an eclectic mix of information, music, interviews and stories. It airs on the Tuesdays at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time and again on Monday at 3:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

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  • Audio Interview with Vincent Carlson-Brown

    8-25-15 Audio Interview

    The third and final show of the Urbanite Summer Season is Issac’s Eye; a play about the tug of war experienced by people whose passion puts them at odds with conventional wisdom. Using the historical figure of Issac Newton it mixes fact and fiction, and uses a clever device to constantly let the audience know which is which. It is compelling and intelligent theater, deftly directed by Vincent Carlson-Brown with wonderful performances by Kimberly Stephenson, Robby May, Tony Stopperan and. Benjamin Williamson as Issac Newton. Listen to Vincent talk about how his early experiences with local theater lead him to make theater his life’s career. And listen to both Vincent and Ben talk about Issac’s Eye, its vision, its theme and the meaning and impact it had on them.

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  • Audio Interview with Robbie Rose

    8-18-2015 Audio Interview

    From the age of 3 keyboardist/composer Robbie Rose knew his life would be about music. He thought all the music he heard was magic and “why would you do anything else, when the music was so good.” Growing up near Detroit – he knew that the people making this magic were essentially his neighbors, which just confirmed for him that making music was the only career he could imagine. He began “noodling” on the piano as a toddler and surprised his parents by spontaneously playing As Time Goes By at 5 years old. Robbie attended a brand new avant-garde high school where he studied music theory in a class which began with 40 students and ended with 3, Robbie being one. Listen to this exuberant, passionate, candid man him describe the rigorous training he received there, the various skills he’s developed over the years, the important, difficult lesson he learned about “trying” and hear his original composition for Hammond Organ – the title cut from his CD Hot Sauce.

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  • Audio Interview with Eddie Tobin

    8-11-2015 Audio Interview

    Multi-genred, very talented pianist/entertainer Eddie Tobin just always loved music. He didn’t take piano lessons until he was in college, he just began to “mess around with it” very early – learning to play the songs he liked. Although a serious jock, he played virtually every sport, he just always loved music. In college he tried to major in Business but soon discovered that he didn’t like it. He did finally major in Music at Miami State but even then he hadn’t decided to make his life as a musician. He just always loved music. Listen to the sweet way he talks about music and his haphazard journey to becoming a professional musician, and hear a cut from his CD Cheek to Cheek. And come to hear him play and sing Sun afternoon at the American Legion 2000 5th ST. W., in Bradenton and Sun evenings at the Surf Shack on St Armand’s Circle, and Mon and Tues at Euphemia Haye, 5540 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key, 941-383-3633, Wed and Friday at Amore also on Longboat Key and on Thursday at Madison’s with the Ventura’s.

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  • Audio Interview with Billy Marcus

    8-4-15 Audio Interview

    Although both of his parents were professional musicians Billy Marcus didn’t touch a piano until he was 16 years old and his study of the instrument was sporadic and haphazard. It took him a long time to realize that he was, and then to identify himself as, a musician. But his talent would not be denied and a musician he most definitely is as the South Florida Jazz Hall of Fame recognized when they inducted him. Listen to this funny self-deprecating man talk about the roundabout way he discovered his career and hear a cut from his CD – The Billy Marcus Trio. Also go listen to him live on Thursday nights at the Allegro Bistro 1740 East Venice Avenue, Venice, FL (941) 484-1889 and Friday nights at Fandango 1812 S Osprey Ave. Sarasota, FL 34239 941-954-5400.

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  • Audio Interview with Katherine Michele Tanner

    6-30-15 Audio Interview with Katherine Michele Tanner

    Katherine Michele Tanner is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Raised by a family that encouraged all of the arts she was able to pursue every one of her passions. As a result she is an exceptional actress, dancer, musician (violin and piano), playwright/composer, singer and painter. Submerged in, and bouncing back and forth between her passions Katherine radiates a breathless exuberance and joy. Listen to this unique woman talk about her life which is brimming over with creativity and productivity and come see her extraordinary performance in The Amish Project at the Banyan Theater from 7/16-8/2.

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  • Audio Interview with Matt McGee

    7-14-15 Audio Interview

    As a boy Matt McGee would on a show for his mother, a nightclub performer. He’d copy sketches he saw on TV – with performers like Carol Burnett and became an accomplished mimic, he could “do anyone.” Although he performed in plays in school and “picked up some money singing” he didn’t take it seriously. His life-long interest in art caused him to major in Art History in College. For fun he auditioned for and got the role of Dr. Jekyll in the first college show. The Drama professors saw his talent and recruited him to give up become a Theater Major. Suddenly there was a lot to learn about performing and Matt dived in. Listen to the ironic way he got to play Carmen Miranda and how that influenced his life. And don’t miss his extraordinary performance as Mame in the freeFall Theatre production with opened 7/11 and runs till August 9th.

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  • Audio Interview with Will Luera and Hunter Brown

    07-07-2015 Audio Interview

    Will Luera, is the Artistic Director of the Florida Studio Theater Improv troupe. Will had no intention of having a career in theater or improvisation. He majored in physics and computer science in college and spent most of his working life in the computer field. But an announcement for an audition which required no script caught his attention and getting cast changed his life. While working at his “day gig” Will continued to pursue improvisation in every way he could. And now he gets to spend all of his time developing the Florida Studio Theater troupes’ expertise at improvisation and play on stage himself. Listen to this thoughtful man talk about the impact that experiencing improvisation has had on his life and he believes on the lives of all who practice it.

    Hunter Brown is the accompanist for the Florida Studio Theater Improv troupe. In contrast to Will’s journey, Hunter seems always to have known that his life would be about music. Although he was home schooled he was able through “dual enrollment” to enroll in the music classes at the local middle school and when he was in high school to enroll in the music classes at a local college. Only just having graduated from high school Hunter is already making money as a musician. Listen to the ironic way he became the accompanist to the improve troupe – when the only improve he’d been exposed to was “Whose Line it is Anyway.” And hear him talk about the complex role he plays in the improve process.

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  • Interview with Tarra Conner jones and Ira Lee Collins

    6-30-15 Audio Interview

    In this show I am airing my interview with singer, actor Tarra Conner jones who was last seen in Sarasota in the West Coast Black Theater Troupes production of The Black Nativity. When she was 11 or 12 years old Tarra’s pastor encouraged her to sing a solo in church. Until that moment she hadn’t thought much about her voice but when she saw the impact her singing had on the congregation, she knew that she was meant to sing. Listen to the roller coaster ride Tarra has taken to finally find herself doing what she was “always meant to do.” And come watch her do it in the West Coast Black Theater Troupes production of The Cotton Club Cabaret opening July 10th.

    In this show I am also airing excerpts from Ira Lee Collins’ cabaret performance of The Gay Geezer. Unfortunately I lost the interview I did with this talented, funny, wise man. But I was able to get these pieces of his delightful performance and in honor of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to make same–sex marriage legal in all states, I am playing the courageous – almost octogenarian – Ira Lee Collins, in which he talks charmingly, poignantly and comically about a life in which he struggled to accept and embrace his sexual identity. If you want more information about Ira Lee you can contact SUSAN L. SCHULMAN (212) 921-4344

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  • Audio Interview with Don Walker and Donna Gerdes

    6-23-2015 Audio Interview

    At the Banyan Theater this summer Don Walker stars in Art from 6/25-7/12 and directs My Old Lady with Donna Gerdes from 8/6-23 and Katherine Tanner reprises her extraordinary performance in The Amish Project from 7/16-8/2.

    Don Walker knew he wanted to act from the moment he stepped on stage in the third grade. And although he studied theater in college and graduate school, life made it necessary for him to use his other skills to make a living. Serendipitously, Don’s straight job relocated to Sarasota and after a hiatus of 26 years he risked the audition process (with knees a-knocking). Of course talented as he is he was immediately scooped up by local theaters and is once again able to “feed his heart and soul.” Listen to this gentle, self-deprecating man talk about the art (no pun intended) of acting and the plays he is performing in and directing this summer.

    Donna Gerdes was writing performing plays for family and friends by the time she was 5 or 6. Thinking she was going to be a doctor, Donna majored in Biology and Chemistry and minored in Drama in College. She won a singing competition whose prize was a month long Opera Workshop where she met a friend who said “move to NY with me, my voice teacher can get us jobs with a Gilbert and Sullivan company.” Terrified, but determined, Donna took a train to Penn Station. She and her friend did become Gilbert and Sullivan apprentices and “it just took off from there.” Donna got role after role in musicals in regional theaters around the country, until she met and married her husband and his 4 children. Believing that the children come first, Donna gave up the theater and had many prestigious jobs. But now free of those responsibilities she is back on the boards. Listen to this talented, resourceful, gentle woman talk about her passion for the theater, her deep sense of responsibility and her joy at once again being able to get on stage where she always knew she belonged.

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  • Audio Interview with David Lutken

    6/16/15 Interview

    David Lutken is anything but the charming hayseed he may appear. With a BA in the classics – mostly Greek – from Duke University (his father told him not to study something that would get him a job but to get an education, and by the way to study the “hardest thing they’d got” – would that we’d all had David’s Dad) and a graduate degree in acting at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. David is a skilled actor, musician, musical director and playwright, but primarily David is an entertainer. Like the epic poets he studied -Ovid, Vigril, Homer – and Woody Guthrie put David in front of an audience and put a guitar in his hand and sit back and enjoy yourself. Currently you can enjoy David in Woody Sez, a musical biography of Woody Guthrie which David wrote based on Woody’s writings as well as his music, at the request of Harold Leventhal – Woody’s manager. It is playing at the Asolo Repertory Theater until June 21st. Listen to this unusual man talk about how he “evolved” into the multi-tasking artist he is and hear him sing his favorite Woody Guthrie song – Pretty Boy Floyd.

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  • Interview with Brendan Ragan

    6-9-2015 Audio Interview

    Actor, theater maker Brendan Ragan loves being on stage. He always knew he was a natural; but he “never wanted to settle for pretty good,” and the need to hone his “artistry,” to be pushed, to be torn down and rebuilt if that was what it took for him to reach his personal best, drives him. It drove him to risk to joining 11 other graduates to create Single Carrot, a theater company in Baltimore on what was – although they didn’t know it – the most dangerous street in town; it drove him to leave there, although people thought he was crazy to leave that wonderful set up, and apply to graduate school; and its driven him to join Summer Wallace and Harry Lipstein in creating the Urbanite theater in Sarasota. Listen to this passionate, articulate man talk about his obsession to create the very best theater experience he can for himself and his audience come see him demonstrate his “artistry” in Reborning the second show of Urbanites very first season.

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  • Audio Interview with Diana Colson

    6-2-2015 Audio Interview

    Diana Colson is a teacher, an award winning film maker, a composer, a lyricist, the creator of musicals and children’s opera and an author. Although she was an accomplished pianist Diana believed that “if you’re married to an artist somebody better get that anchor job that has insurance…,” so she became the song and dance lady – aka the music teacher. She used her musical skills and her passion for musical theater to write musicals for her students. And she took advantage of her summers, while traveling the world with Frank and their children, to honor her every creative impulse. Listen to this exuberant, fiercely creative woman talk about her ability to juggle her teaching career, the raising of her children and her insistent creativity.

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  • Audio Interview with Frank Colson

    Audio Interview 5-26-2015

    5/26/15 Frank Colson is as an internationally recognized Sculptor and Potter, but it is just the tip of the iceberg of his interests and talents. In high school he studied and performed Shakespeare. He entertained whenever and wherever possible using his ability to mimic whatever he heard; finally winning an army wide competition by mimicking Victor Borge’s difficult and hilarious Phonetic Punctuation. He has a Masters degree in Communication, he produced television shows; been a DJ, fought fires in the wilds of Alaska, and wrote a book which took him all over the world as a teacher and lecturer. And the stroke which is making it difficult for him to do all he still wants to do – has not stopped him. Listen to this delightfully open and self-disclosing man (he admits to, no revels in, what he calls his “giant ego”), talk about a one of a kind life.

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  • Audio Interview with Dave Morgan

    5-19-15 Audio Interview

    Triple threat musician Dave Morgan sings and plays the Drums and the Vibraphone. He began his musical career as a toddler when his mother told him to find a 3rd part harmony to the song his mom and dad were singing and he never looked back. He was drawn to the drums in school and having decided at 40 that he needed another arrow in his quiver he took up the vibraphone, although he thought it might take him 20 years to master it. Now when you see Dave on stage he might be playing either the drums or the vibes and or singing with or without one or the other. He’s a wonderful musician and delightful man. Listen to him tell the story of a life dedicated to making the best music he can.

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  • Interview with Katherine Michele Tanner

    5-12-15 Audio Interview

    Katherine Michele Tanner is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Raised by a family that encouraged all of the arts she was able to pursue every one of her passions. As a result she is an exceptional actress, dancer, musician (violin and piano), playwright/composer, singer and painter. Submerged in and bouncing back and forth between her passions Katherine radiates a breathless exuberance and joy. In addition to performing in every possible venue, Katherine is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise and so she teaches. Currently, one of her classes will perform a musical version of the classic Pippi Longstocking, adapted and composed by Katherine. Performances will be 5/29 at 7:00PM and 5/30 at 3:00 and 7:00 at Mars Vision Productions 4366 Independence Court in Sarasota. Tickets are $12.00 and can be purchased at Listen to this delightful woman talk about her life and her work.

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  • Audio Interview with actor, Colin Lane

    5-5-15 Audio Interview

    Colin Lane says that acting is “the only thing he is good at.” He loves telling stories and having people watch him. And Colin is a masterful storyteller who is very worth watching, as you can see in his performance in Florida Studio Theater’s regional premier of Christian O’Reilly’s play Chapatti – where he shares the stage with the equally compelling Susan Greenhill. Given his skill and success as an actor (he’s appeared above the title on Broadway, off Broadway, off-off Broadway in regional theaters and movies) it is ironic that Colin didn’t even consider being an actor until a friend heard him read “A Child Christmas in Wales” and told him that he was an actor; luckily for us Colin believed her. Listen to this charming, funny man talk candidly about the deceptively difficult dialogue he had to learn in his role as Dan; and the encouragement and support he received from his director Kate Alexander and FST’s Artistic Director Richard Hopkins. And smile at the unusual journey he took to what is clearly his path and come see him in Chapatti demonstrating what he is definitely “very good at” indeed.

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  • Interview with Michael Milton

    4-18-15 Audio Interview

    When 7th grader Michael Milton saw a Jr. High School production on HMS Pinafore he thought “if they can do that – so can I.” And when he saw Richard Kiley in Man of La Mancha, he thought “those actors probably did HMS Pinafore in Jr. High school and now they are doing this amazing thing.” He was hooked, and began a lifetime love affair with the theater. Following were years of singing, dancing and acting until he finally made his way to New York City. Listen to this candid, engaging, articulate man talk about his various careers and his willingness to be all that he is. Also listen to him read a charming original piece of writing.

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  • Audio Interview with Mike and Bonnie Hartley

    4-21-15 Audio Interview

    Mike and Bonnie Hartley, alias Thomas Maurin, have written their first novel, a thrilling thriller called Broken Trust, the first of a trilogy. In her interview Bonnie describes her unusual life, her many careers and the circuitous route she took to becoming a novelist. Although I didn’t record most of my interview with Mike, I did get him to read from Broken Trust and describe the prequel to the trilogy which they are also creating. If you read fiction. especially if you like mystery or thriller fiction you will adore Broken Trust and look forward eagerly, as I do to the next books. You can purchase Broken Trust at – but as Bonnie cautions there are a number of books with this title so be sure to specify Broken Trust (a 3 Musketeers book) by Thomas Maurin.

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  • Melanie Souza—In The Heights

    April 14, 2015 Audio Interview

    Melanie Souza is a lucky woman. She has always received encouragement and support for who she is and what she wants to do, as a result she has been able to pursue her two passions wholeheartedly. The passion to which she is currently giving her determination, energy and skill is at the acting, singing and dancing. And you can see her display these talents as she plays Abuela Claudia – the quintessential Grandmother in the production of In the Heights at American Stage in the Park.

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  • Audio Interview with Jason Bradley

    4-7-15 Audio Interview

    Jason Bradley has returned to Sarasota, after spending 5 years in the Chicago Company of the smash Broadway musical Million Dollar Quartet, to appear in Chicken Soup – the Grand Opening production of Urbanite Theater. The Urbanite is Sarasota’s newest and most unique theater. Believing that Sarasota needed “a small box theater that’s staged edgy, contemporary work,” co-Founders and Artistic Directors Brendan Ragan and Summer Wallace, graduates of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory program, created the Urbanite. In this show I am replaying part my first interview with Jason in which we talk about his early life, his standout performance in the Asolo production of Boeing Boeing, and his commitment to the profession of acting as well as the Urbanite and Chicken Soup.

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