Memorial for Ed Asner

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    9-13-21 Memorial to Ed Asner – The irrepressible, outrageous, talented, generous and sexy Ed Asner is best known for his portrayal of the curmudgeonly Lou Grant, a role he created on the Mary Tyler Moore show and reprised in his own show called only Lou Grant. Ed won seven Emmy awards, more than any other male actor, and is the only actor to win an Emmy for his work in both a sitcom and a Drama series – for playing the same role. A famously outspoken rebel who was courageously true his beliefs and often paid a heavy price for his courage, Ed Asner is the poster child for true north. Spontaneous, open, guile-less; with Ed – what you see is what there is, and that is terrific. Listen to this funny, interesting man talk about his life and his work, his dogged commitment to being the best he can be and his dedication to bettering the lives of those less fortunate than himself.

    My brother Ken was at an event which Ed also attended. Ken approached Ed and asked if he’d be willing to be interviewed by his sister. Remarkably, Ed said sure. When I was next in LA, I went to his house and recorded this interview. It was 2012 and Ed was 82 years old. You can hear what a delight he was and how much fun I’m having. In the next 9 years he continued to work. Six years later he finally went back to Broadway in a Cameo role. I was in the audience opening night and when he walked on stage the audience rose to their feet. After the performance Ed invited me to stay at his apartment and now, I have to say, I regret not taking him up on it. Towards the end of the interview, when I am thanking him, Ed said “it’s because your brother has such a sweet face.” My brother does have a sweet face, but it was actually because, behind the bluster Ed Asner was a pussycat.