Interview with John Lamb 85th

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    12-31-18 Interview

    1-7-19 John Lamb When John Lamb plays everyone stops to listen. His solos may be poignant or whimsical, achingly simple or blindingly complex, but you don’t want to miss a note. A highly respected musician who spent three years touring and recording with the legendary Duke Ellington band, he is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Sarasota Jazz Club’s “Satchmo Award” for service to jazz as both a musician and an educator. In his 80’s he is arguably the busiest musician in South Florida. But despite his success and accolades he remains kind, generous, charming and self-deprecating, dedicated to sharing his extraordinary talent and knowledge and making the world a better place which, by his very presence, he already has. Listen to him describe the way he constructs his solos and come help him celebrate his 85th birthday at The Palladium on Jan 6th at 3 PM with an all-star cast including Nate Najar, “La Lucha” (Alejandro Arenas, Mark Feinman & John O’Leary), Jeff Rupert, James Suggs, Jeremy Carter, Synia Carroll, Bryan Hughes, and a Bass Choir with Steve Boisen, Mark Neuenschwander and Joe Porter. Special appearance by Bob Devin Jones. Jam session to follow show in Side Door led by the Al Downing Jazz Association.