Interview with Peggy Roeder

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    2015-02-24 Audio Interview

    Peggy Roeder is an actor’s actor, Peter Amster who has cast and directed her many times in many varying roles says “she can do anything, she is my muse.’ And if you’ve been lucky enough to have seen her in as diverse roles as Ma Joad in Grapes of Wrath, and Sonya in Vanya Sonya Masha and Spike, you will want to run right out and get tickets for Matchmaker in which she stars as the delightful, mischievous Dolly Levy and Good People where she steals her scenes as the crotchety, truth-telling neighbor.  By the time she was nine years old Peggy and her sisters were putting on shows for neighborhood, shows which they wrote, created costumes and sets for and wrote the flyers to promote. But Peggy didn’t know she was going to spend her life as an actor until she wandered into the theater at her college and discovered a community with which she felt at home and a work which she thought “this I can do.” And forty years later we can say she certainly can. Listen to this serious, consummate professional tell her story and come out to see her work whenever you get the chance.