Interview with Bobby Brader

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    8-5-14 – Audio Interview

    Bobby Brader became a musician by accident. Although he didn’t play an instrument a clerical error put 13 year old Bobby in advanced concert band. He didn’t want to be in band and planned to quit as soon as possible. Just as he was about to quit the band director asked him to demonstrate a scale on the trumpet. Bobby says that he didn’t really know the scale and that it must have been an angel who entered his trumpet and played it correctly. However it happened in that moment Bobby was captured by music. He still expected to pursue his dreams of becoming an aviator or even an astronaut until another surprising experience showed him his true path. While taking a chemistry test – a subject he liked and was good at – Bobby realized that his head was filled with music, thought “you are not going to be an aviator – you are going to be a musician!” And the decision was made, his fate was sealed; Bobby Brader would be – is a wonderful musician. We in Sarasota have been fortunate to have him here playing in every possible venue. And as he sets off to increase his skills by taking his MA in Film Composition we get one more chance to hear him play and learn what he has to share about the history of music. Come to see Bobby’s farewell concert at the Venice Theater, 140 Tampa Ave, Venice FL 34285 Sun 8/10 2PM and/or Thurs 8/14 8PM – Tickets ($15.00) can be purchased on line at or by calling the box office – (941) 488-1115. And listen to Bobby talk about how he discovered his “obsession” and how he balances his love of music with his equally powerful love of his family and friends.