Interview with Susan Greenhill

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    July 1, Audio Interview

    Luckily for us Susan Greenhill is back at Florida Studio Theater – this time starring in the one woman production of Becoming Dr. Ruth. If her talent was not enough to guarantee her the role in this unique vehicle, Susan actually met the real Dr. Ruth and performed with her in Dr. Ruth’s TV show. Listen to Susan talk about that experience and other fascinating theatrical experiences. In Kindergarten Susan was drafted to be in the class musicals. She immediately knew that she was “home,” that this was where she belonged. Unfortunately, her parents, concerned about the security of such a career, insisted that she consider acting a hobby and get a real job. So Susan minored in Education in college and began to teach, but it only took a very short time for her to realize that it was not for her and she announced her intention to pursue a career as an actor. Susan is now and has been for many years a working actor, with a lovely life “most of the time.” Listen to this honest and funny woman talk about her struggle, to honor and stay true her commitment to be who she really is.