Interview with Howard Giordano

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    1-7-14 Audio Interview

    Howard Giordano wrote his first book when he was fifty years old, after retiring from his career as an advertising account manager. It took him two years to finish the book and five years to get it published, which he did without the aid of an agent. This book Tracking Terror won the bronze award in the prestigious Readers International Favorite contest. Since he was a boy Howard knew that he was interested in stories, books, writing, but never thought he could be a writer, so he pursued his career in advertising. After retiring, he took a short story class and has never looked back. Listen to the charming story he tells of having gotten up the nerve to show a “published writer” the beginning of a short story, and her response. Having gotten an agent who is shopping his second book, he is currently working on his third. And although he is delighted by his success and looking forward to whatever money he might earn, Howard has committed himself to writing for the “joy of writing.”