Interview with Bruce Jordan

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    7-23-13 – Audio Interview

    Bruce Jordan discovered his passion for performing in the 7th grade when the audience broke up laughing as he danced with a broom named Matilda. Bruce says “it was like a drug, you want to have more of it.” But while, for many, this experience would have triggered a yearning for an acting career, Bruce yearned to emulate his Jr. High and High School drama coaches, he wanted to be an drama teacher and give others the gift he’d been given. So having soaked up everything he could from his years at Geneseo University, he worked for “4 of the happiest years” of his life as a High School drama teacher. And here is where the story gets ironic. Realizing that he didn’t have know enough about the business of acting to help those students who wanted to become professional actors, Bruce decided to take a year off, go to NY and experience it firsthand. But the third agent he saw sent him to audition for a national commercial – he got the commercial and his first check was more than a year’s salary teaching. Needless to say he never returned to teaching. Listen to this delightful man tell a story which is full of the serendipities which led him to places “he loved,” doing things “he loves” including directing The Underpants which is currently running at Florida Studio Theater.