Interview with Tobin Ost

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    6-11-13 Audio Interview with Tobin Ost, Costume and Set Designer

    Both a set and costume designer, Tobin Ost thought he was going to be an architect, but a series of experiences when he was quite young; seeing a production of Pirates of Penzance where a ship literally comes off the stage above the audience and a TV show of Japanese theater coalesced when, as a high school student looking for a summer job he was turned down by the architectural firm, and went instead to the Community theater where was hired to paint and hammer nails. But his mentor (and the mentor of many), who Tobin says must have “seen something in him,” gave him more and more design work until Tobin realized what he was really meant to do. Listen to the surprising twists and turns which led to his becoming Jeff Calhoun’s “secret weapon”. And hear this soft spoken and thoughtful man give us the Tobin Ost crash course in set and costume design.