Interview with Bill Wagy

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    3-19-13 — Audio Interview

    Bill Wagy is a much in demand “video producer” but this is only his most current identity. He says that he has had to keep re-inventing himself and believes that he will continue to add new identities. Confirming my belief in the importance of teachers, Bill tells the story of his “rescue” by Irene Planaseck, his high school speech/arts/drama teacher who “pulled him up and got him to do a public speaking something” and then put him in all the school plays; effectively turning a skinny (5’6 and 85 lbs) “scaredy cat shy guy,” into a high school star. And being “skinny” got him his first job as the “spotter” for the Redskins, who were broadcast on WMAL in DC, where he was hired because he not only knew football but could fit in the tiny both between large commentators Sam Hoff and Len Hathaway. From there he jumped to the job as the Sports Director at WIS the biggest radio station in South Carolina where by the age of 25 he’d won states Sportscaster of the Year Award. Listen to this charming, funny man talk about his stint in television and how got into video production.