Interview with Stephen Hope

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    November 6th, 2012 – Interview

    All kinds of music was sung and played in Stephen Hope’s home, but it wasn’t until his first role as the cowardly lion in a Jr High School production, that Stephen found what was “right for him. “ Knowing that “people were laughing because of what I was doing – that we were all laughing at the same thing so we weren’t separate, we were one, it was very powerful.” That night Stephen’s Dad said “this is what you should be doing,” and the die was cast. In his 20’s Stephen took a detour; attempting to see if another path was right for him, but he soon realized that while he could do it – his “heart wasn’t there.” So he returned to the theater, to what makes him “happy,” to what is “right for him.” Come see the delightful choreography he created to enhance “Let’s Twist Again,” a glorious explosion of 50’s music currently playing at Florida Studio Theater in Sarasota, Florida.