Interview with Kate Seipert

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    8-28-12 – Interview

    Actress Kate Seipert

    Actress Kate Seipert
    photo by Maria Lyle

    Eight year old Kate Seipert was making her exit in her 4H club’s annual show when she spontaneously made a face that caused the audience to break up with laughter. That moment in the spotlight was suspended in time for little Kate and she knew that being on stage and making people laugh was what she wanted to do. She’s pursed this goal with a vengeance. She got her BFA from Wesleyan then became a member of Chicago’s prestigious Improv Olympic (now known as IO). She went to London to study at one of England’s most respected acting schools, and finally took the scary plunge; a move to New York City. Currently she is breaking us up as part of the ensemble cast of Perfect Wedding, a delicious farce which is the opening show at the almost newly renovated Gomperz Theater – a part of the Florida Studio Theater Complex. Listen to the still exuberant, passionate and funny Kate Seipert and run down to see what her moment in the spotlight and vigorous training have accomplished.