Interview with Jaszy McCallister

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    8-14-12 — Interview

    Jaszy McCallister is of a one of a kind. She was raised by parents who offered her two very different role models; a mother whose family was musical and outgoing, and a father who was analytical, and practical. So although she loved music and movies Jaszy always expected to go into law enforcement and so was a pre-law major in college. When she happened to see a billboard announcing that the FBI was looking for college educated African American women with military experience, she made a spur of the moment decision to join the army where she spent 4 years in the military police. A series of circumstances brought her to Sarasota, FL where she casually mentioned to a virtual stranger that she’d always thought she might like to act. That stranger arranged an audition and, as they say, the rest is history. I saw Jaszy in Jar the Floor and A Raisin in the Sun both productions of the West Coast Black Theatre Troupe and she was marvelous. Currently she is bringing her amazingly talent to the Golden Apple dinner theater where she is appearing in All Shook Up.