Interview with Elliott Raines

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     7-10-12 Interview

    Elliott Raines grew up in what says is “now called the East Village, but when I grew up was called a slum.” Second generation, born to parents who believed in giving their children a “well rounded education,” Elliott studied piano and music theory, spent a year at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and most of his high school years in Drama Club, chorus and plays. He got a BA in Theater and an MFA in Acting , taught acting at his alma mater, and had some success as an actor. However at age 28 Elliott realized that the thing he hated most was looking for work, and acting – no matter how successful you are – is always about looking for the next job. Having realized this Elliott promptly went to Law School. He spent a career in law – with forays into acting and directing. And now having retired Elliott is once more able to pursue his passion for the theater. Currently he has directed Terra Nova – a powerful piece of theater based on the true story of Robert Scott’s failed expedition to be the first person to set foot on the South Pole, Terra Nova will run from July 19th-22 The Players Theater.