Interview with Actress Lindsay Marie Tierce

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    7-12-11 Interview

    Lindsay Marie Tierce saw West Side Story at a local high school and it changed her life. Immediately recognizing that she wanted to study theater, Lindsay switched from the Christian School she’d always attended, to the high school which had put on the show. Her new high school gave her an opportunity to be in plays, meet people with whom she could really “be herself,” and finally feel “at home.” In her first straight play Lindsay was cast as a woman who commits suicide in The Children’s Hour. This caused controversy from her old friends, but convinced Lindsay that “some stories need to be told;” a belief that would drive her professional life. Having graduated from college as a general theater major, and deciding that she needed more acting training; she auditioned for FSU’s graduate training, was accepted and has now completed her three years. In the last year of her training Lindsay was cast the Queen in a production of Las Meninas., a very challenging role which required her to do a very convincing Spanish accent, be on stage virtually the entire play, and perhaps most importantly embrace her ability to be a leading lady.