Interview with Kris Danford and Sam Osheroff

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    February 09, 2010

    Discussion – One of the ways to discover the danger that might be stopping you from discovering the parts of yourself which you had to hide is to explore your Catastrophic Expectations. In this show I will discuss this concept and explain how to find your Catastrophic Expectation.

    InterviewKris Danford and Sam Osheroff are husband and wife, talented actors and co stars in two plays running in repertory at the Asolo. In Searching For Eden they play Adam and Eve. The first act takes place in Eden as they discover themselves, each other and of course are banished. This act explores the stereotypical differences between men and woman. The second act sees a modern Adam and Eve, no longer in Eden, trying to maintain their relationship amid the stresses of modern life. Five Years After is the story of a couple who find each other, fall in love and then fall apart. There are many interesting twists in this play which is done completely in wonderfully clever and poignant songs by two talented actor/singers. There is a special advantage to seeing a married couple play lovers and of course it is that they are – and so they bring to these performances something that no other actors no matter how talented can bring – they bring the truth…

    In the next two shows I am airing interviews with two actors who appear in 3 of the shows currently at the Asolo, as well as Sharon’s Lesley’s reviews of two of those shows. The very first English language production of “Perfume Shop” the play which was the source for the movie’s “The shop around the corner,” “In the Good Old Summer Time,” and “You’ve Got Mail,” as well as the musical “She Loves Me.” And “Hearts” and little known powerful play about Don Waldman and the impact that being a young soldier fighting in World War ll had on the rest of his life.